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Photo by Christian Lue

Here’s one thing most of us can agree on as we head into this New Year: Lockdowns have been bad for almost everyone’s mental and emotional wellbeing. Whether you call them “shelter in place orders,” “stay-at-home orders” or just plain old lockdowns, they all amount to the same thing: Isolation from others who matter to us.

If lack of contact with loved ones is dragging you down, heading into the kitchen for some hands-on work can be a great way to chase away those lockdown blues. …

Photo by Gaelle Marcel

All across the world, food is an expression of hospitality, affection and even intimacy. No matter what your culture or nation of origin, creating something for a loved one to eat says, “I care for you.”

Who among us does not have pleasant childhood memories related to the creation of food?

Perhaps it was baking cookies with a parent or mixing up a batch of Grandma’s special cinnamon rolls. When walking into a home where someone has just pulled something tasty from the oven, it’s not uncommon to think, “This smells like home!”

Even when we bake something to give…

Imagine pulling gorgeous, molten chocolate cake out of the oven, then finishing it off with ice cream just in time to serve to your guests. If this image makes you happy, then baking might be your love language.

What are love languages? Well, each of us experience and express love a bit differently. This makes sense if you think about it. We all instinctively express love in different ways because we have all traveled very different life paths.

Almost thirty years ago, Dr. Gary Chapman wrote about five distinct love languages. According to Chapman, the five ways to express and…


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